091 Wharfer

Wanderer Session #91: Wharfer
Music by: Kyle Wall
Images, Sound, Edit by: Kevin de Wilde
Filmed in Brooklyn, New York

“Wharfer” is the offspring of a few fits of inspiration, quiet places, and a mobile device. Kyle Wall had mentioned gleefully that the entirety of his first Wharfer record was recorded through his phone and ipad piece-meal in trains, backyards, and bathrooms. What a great folk record though. Very traditional, alluring, and story-driven. I’m still baffled by how much upgrades and new features in technology have incorporated themselves within the creative world. They almost go hand-in-hand. It certainly works for Kyle Wall who prefer recording melodies and lyrics fresh out of the gate rather than waiting to go into the studio and subsequently have the original idea chipped away by thought and time. I’ve spoken to a lot of musicians who do it that way and often admit that the new forms of their music were unrecognizable from when they first brainstormed it.

I latched onto this too. The way this Wanderer Sessions project has gone on for the last 5 years, I always tried my best to produce something that was as natural as actually being there. Never left much out, let the music go as it may, and let the moment speak for itself!