088 Allison Weiss

Wanderer Session #88: Allison Weiss
Music by: Allison Weiss
Images, Sound, Edit by: Kevin de Wilde
Filmed in Brooklyn, NY
Summer 2013

It’s a little hard to fully realize how big of an impact Allison Weiss has had in marrying indie music with social media now that everyone is pumping out their own grainy cover song videos and DIY arthouse projects on Youtube at such an alarming rate. After all, Allison is only 26. And yet, she was one of the first to fully masterstroke the perfect online presence that unified her simple acoustic covers of both indie and mainstream hits and quirky Tumblr posts into a popular and successful marketing package even the best music industry veterans would kill for. You might even say she helped propel pre-Yahoo Tumblr’s popularity among artsy musicians and fans alike that her website (and her catchy hit, “I’m Ready”) was once the site’s highlighted example for all newcomers on how to create the perfect blog. This is also all on top of already being a talented singer, songwriter, composer and designer.

I’ve been a fan of Allison for a long, long time. As in, long hair, ascot, red dress and boots long time ago. Now that her more rockified persona is in full-swing, it’s wonderful to see that my favorite thing about her is very much still displayed. What made me latch on to her music, whether it’s the original “I Was An Island” or the high-energy “Making It Up” is that Allison Weiss’ tunes are all simple, unhindered, unpackaged emotion. No matter if it’s a high school heart break or a chance meeting on the road, she tells you exactly how the story of her life is unfolding. It’s the type of music that you always needed to hear on long night drives or lazy mornings and she sings it like the bestfriend you’ve always wanted next to you on those perfect moments.