073 Kendra Morris

Wanderer Session #73: Kendra Morris
Music by Kendra Morris and Jeremy Page
Images, Sound, Edit by Kevin de Wilde
Filmed in Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York
Spring 2012

Kendra Morris is working on her upcoming record just down the street from me. I’m still fairly new to the Morgan circles and the labyrinth of lofts they live in. The theme of that day was certainly, “I didn’t even know this was here.” She met us at the door and led us down, zigzagging through piled up records and old instruments into Jeremy’s little studio in the basement.

I’m still not used to having actual staff members who want to come along during these Sessions. Kelly came and pretty much busied Kendra with pictures and stories from the neighborhood and in a way, it was great to just be able to concentrate on running the camera. The little studio was perfect for Kendra’s heavy, soulful voice to be encased in with the keyboard and the lone guitar backing her.

I suggested we take advantage of the nice weather and play some tunes at the McKibbin playground. The high school kids had just gotten out when we got there, frolicking around so loudly that we got pushed a little further back to some empty benches. They played an acoustic version of the excellent, “Concrete Waves” there but something was just missing. In the end, I convinced Kendra and Jeremy to play the song again right in the middle of the basketball game and the throng of kids around, earning some glances and a much more active video!